Mothership (bei Netflix trifft Halle Berry auf Aliens)

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Mothership (bei Netflix trifft Halle Berry auf Aliens)

Beitrag von StS » 25.02.2021, 07:46

Fresh off her arrival in the John Wick franchise, Halle Berry is next going to encounter alien life forms in a sci-fi movie titled Mothership for Netflix, Collider is reporting today.

Collider’s Jeff Sneider reports that the science fiction feature film is written by Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies), who will also be directing for Netflix.

“Berry will play a fearless woman whose husband mysteriously vanishes, but when she discovers a strange extraterrestrial object beneath her home, she and her children set out to find him and uncover the truth behind his disappearance — which may involve the CIA.”

Halle Berry is also producing.



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