Assassin Club (2022)

Welche neuen Blockbuster versprechen viel und taugen wenig? Was gibt es Neues im Actionfilmsektor?
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Assassin Club (2022)

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French filmmaker Camille Delamarre – best known for directing Brick Mansions (a remake of District 13) and The Transporter Refueled (a reboot of The Transporter) – is currently wrapping up Assassin Club, an upcoming action thriller starring Henry Golding (Snake Eyes), Noomi Rapace (Prometheus), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), Daniela Melchior (Suicide Squad);

Assassin Club takes place in the world of international spies and elite assassins. In this world of contract killers, Morgan Gaines (Golding) is the best of the best. When Morgan is hired to kill six people around the world, he soon discovers all the targets are also assassins unknowingly hired to kill each other. Rapace plays Falk, the only assassin with skills to match his own. Under the guidance of his mentor Jonathan Caldwell (Neill), Morgan must defeat Falk and the other assassins to keep himself and his girlfriend Sophie (Melchior) alive.
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